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Bliss Bliss


Siam 1928 - Voyager, the 3rd collection of the perfume brand derived from the concept of sustainability and relevance to the modern world. This time the brand brings its perfume making heritage into the contemporary context using modern structure, and most importantly, sustainable upcycle and recycle materials in the making of its packaging.

The box packaging is made of upcycled corrugated sheets that are leftovers from other printing processes in the press,100% recycled rigid box paper along with soy ink that is non-toxic. The whole packaging is fully recyclable and plastic free.


Using upcyling and recycling materials for high-involvement product like perfume packaging creates contrast between materials that were once devalued and the perfume, which is a luxury product. This elevates the emotional value for the brand despite the cheapness of the material used.


Logo Design 

Corporate Identity

Graphic Elements

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