Bangkok Design Week 2019

Exhibition Booth Design

We are honored to get a chance in participating in the Bangkok Design Week 2019. As the showcase theme is very open. We would like to explore new area of work. And our final decision is to create a booth where audiences could participate. Our booth consists of 4 pieces of work. A "How do you feel about yourself" wall where people can draw their feelings into the small circular stickers, a balloon bucket where people can inflate the balloon to express how big they are, a thermatrope and an infinite mirror artpiece.

For us, the result is unexpected. Despite our hidden location, so many people participated. Moreover, the ways they react to each piece of work are also a surprise. We come to the booth one day and are ecstatic to see the room filled  with inflated balloons with words of expressions. Please feel free to see the sample of some we documented below.