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For modern parenting life


Daddy Finger's mission is to revolutionize the world of parenting by bringing joy and confidence to parents through innovative and stylish on-the-go bags.

Daddy Finger's goal is to seamlessly merge functionality with fashion, creating bags that simplify parents' lives without compromising on style. Inspired by Real-Life Experiences, Daddy Finger's designs are born from the daily challenges and adventures of real parents, ensuring their bags are practical and purposeful.

Daddy Finger bags are designed to adapt to the ever-changing needs of parents, from infancy to adolescence, with versatile and multi-functional aesthetics. Proudly designed in-house and crafted in Thailand, Daddy Finger's bags reflect their commitment to quality and sustainability.


Daddy Finger's brand mark, inspired by the versatility of fingers as tools for carrying, embodies a unique logotype and emblem that radiate confidence, joy, and a modern, easygoing parenting aesthetic.


Brand Direction and Concept

Logo Design

Brand Identity

Graphic Elements
Social Media Design

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