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Kiya is a superfoods brand that focuses on bringing Peruvian ways of healthy eating to the world. Peru is a country with rich agricultural heritage and a home of various superfoods which have been the basic staples for its citizens since Quechua's civilization.

Seeing a lot of stressed and sick modern people all over the world, the owner thinks it might be a good idea to introduce the Peruvian superfoods recipes to the world. Kiya is born in a format of quick and easy sachet that’s convenient to take daily.

Kiya’s name derived from “Mama Kiya,” The moon goddess of Quachua’s belief. Therefore, the  “i” of the logo is designed to depict the reflection of the moon on water.

The three layers on the packaging symbolizes another Quechua’s belief of sky, earth and underearth that makes up the life’s balanced ecosystem. The hand drawn pattern of the superfood ingredients is arranged in Quechua’s style of pattern. 


Brand Direction and Concept

Logo Design 

Brand Identity

Graphic Elements

Packaging Design

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