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Klar is a rebranding concept proposal for the now brand “Tropica King : Ready to Smoothie” fruit product that offers an innovative way to produce smoothie drinks for consumers while also solving overstock problems for Thai farmers.

The long developed technology allows Klar’s rippen-soft skin fruits to have 6 months of shelf life in its ready-to-smoothie sachets and damage-free transportation to consumers abroad.

Becoming a well known innovative, exported product from Thailand is the main goal of this project. Thus, the design needs to reflect Thainess while showing the global technology side of the product.

Inspired by Thai agricultural wisdom, we designed the typography of the logo using the deconstructed Thai patterns. The pattern on the sachet is made by deconstructing Thai alphabet that reads KLAR (กล้า) and put into triangle shape of Thai’s style flowers arrangement.


Brand Direction and Concept

Brand Identity

Graphic Elements

Logo Design

Packaging Design

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