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When speaking of the term “Carbon Credit,” very few people really know what it is all about, not to mention its process. Until there is a company that wants to help companies and its people learn about it and they really want them to have fun while doing it. That company is called “Lo-carb.”

To make hard subjects easier to understand, Lo-carb aims to be a lifestyle brand, not a tech company. That means their goal is to integrate into the customers’ modern lifestyle. Nerdy and complicated tech jargons and visuals are not allowed to be used here.

Thus, we design Lo-carb to be very friendly and lifestyle oriented. The logo design is explored and created based on the anatomy of a carbon compound which has 3 circular molecules attached together.

The mood of the overall graphic is to be simple, friendly yet cool. Friendly illustrations are added to lighten and delight the eyes. Green is obviously the color of eco-consciousness, however, we tailored our green to be modern and lively to align with the core value.


Brand Direction and Concept

Brand Identity
Logo Design

Graphic Elements

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