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Unlocking Wellness with Mils: Your Step to a Healthier You


Introducing Mils, your gateway to a healthier and happier self. Crafted with natural ingredients and powered by advanced Korean technology, Mils is your partner in achieving your best self.


Mils goals are simple: to help you love your body and prioritize your well-being. We've drawn inspiration from the calm and balanced Korean aesthetic, using gentle gradients that soothe the senses and reflect nature's harmony.

The essence of our brand lies in the "steps" symbol, representing progress and positivity. This symbol is proudly showcased in our logo, reminding you of your journey towards betterment.

Additionally, each Mils package features an uplifting quote aligned with our vision – a daily dose of motivation on your path to self-improvement.

Come, join them on this transformative adventure. With Mils, you're empowered to embrace a brighter, healthier future, one step at a time.


Brand Strategy and Marketing Communication

Logo Design

Brand Identity

Graphic Elements

Packaging Design

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