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The brand concept starts from the product concept that it’s not only a sustainable textile product but also combined with the innovations from natural technology. This is where the name “Naturtexx” derived from. The brand name consists of the words Nature/ Textile/ Technology. Naturtexx as the mother brand and the other 3 sub brands are inspired by the innovative qualifications of the raw materials and also need to communicate together in one cohesive way which is “The textile that’s made of innovations derive from the nature”

First, the design team helped prioritize the brand and built a stronger brand architecture. We made it clear that our branding will be focused on the product qualification and innovation, not the manufacturer.

Lastly, we then continue to work on the branding design to make the “innovation from nature” concept comes to life and communicates clearly with the consumers


The concept of the brand identity design that weaves together the visual lines that represent nature and innovation. Bringing together the brand identity with the brand’s unique selling point helps spotlight the powerful, clear and long lasting brand image.


Brand Direction and Architecture

Brand Identity


Logo Design

Graphic Elements

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