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Odeplants is a plant based food manufacturer company based in Bangkok Thailand. The company’s journey starts when a pair of two sisters; one already an expert in the milk industry marketing and another one, a lawyer who has allergy problems with traditional dairy products.


With the exponential growth of the plant based food industry, the two see an opportunity to make quality plant based drinks in Thailand. That’s why odeplants is founded to be the mother company for the products.

After a deep discussion about their intention for the brand, we learn that apart from the health benefits which are the function of their product, what they really want for the future of Thailand is to see a more diversified community.

And they hope that their plant based product will be a part that sparks new conversations and generates acceptance for an alternative way of eating and living.


With all of the above in mind, we design the logo and the brand identity of this company to be plant based and diverse. The logo is created with a friendly typography. The negative spaces of each alphabet are in the shape of plant parts. Those many parts of the plant symbolizes diversity. The shapes are also pulled out to be used as brand elements. The color usage is friendly, natural and trendy to depict a modern company that made plant based products for a better harmony of the society.


Brand Direction and Concept

Brand Identity
Logo Design

Graphic Elements

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