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Salee Bakehouse, an artisan bakery runs by a woman who wants to create social equality through bread making. The brand is founded by Chef Kaew, an experienced chef who's been invited to work in a Michelin 3-stars restaurant but declined the offer because of her strong belief towards equality in the food world. After discovering her value, we saw an opportunity to use the reference from the Bread and Roses protesting in Chicago, USA for this brand identity rebranding. Bread and Roses strike is one of the first women union strikes in the US to call for wage and work conditions equality.

The use of red color from the rose in the corporate identity design signifies "power" which reflects in the brand core idea about food equality. The boldness of the typography, which is also referenced from the art of protesting signs, is also reflecting the weight and the volume of people's voices. A quote sign is also embedded in the negative space of the logo. The quote sign has also become a part of the brand identity to signify "ideas." Because we believe that idea is the tool to communicate the core value of the brand.


Brand Direction and Concept

Brand Identity
Logo Design

Packaging Design

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