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Can dental clinics be less depressing and more cheerful? Why do dental clinics need to be this stressful and strict? Is there any dental clinic that’s designed especially for the younger generation? Can a clinic be something more than a clinic?

These are questions that Sodent, a dental clinic in Chachoengsao province, Thailand asked themselves before they recreate Dental Station, the former clinic into the now Sodent, a clinic filled with joyful vibes that gives warm welcome to its young patrons.

Yes, a dental clinic can be cheerful. It can be more welcoming and comfortable for patients. Sodent’s intention is to design a clinic that targets the young generation and erase the old stigma of scariness of those dental clinics out there.

Moreover they also aim for Sodent to be a space where creativity can flourish. Young patients such as students can enjoy snacks and drinks while waiting and use the clinic’s space to do their homework or extra curricular activities.

So we create the design of the brand identity to reflect the positive vibes. Start with designing the character of Nong Dent, the tooth character that becomes the brand embassador. Curvy typography is also designed to reflect the fun and friendly atmosphere of the brand. And the color scheme that stands out yet energetic to the eyes. We still keep identity clean and bold to give the hygienic look that is still needed in the brand’s category.


Brand Direction and Concept

Brand Identity

Logo Design 

Graphic Elements

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