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Flying Thai agriculture to the next level


Our goal for this project was to create a new visual identity that would help Tiger Drone better connect with farmers and consumers in Thailand, while also attracting new generations of farmers. We knew that Tiger Drone's innovative technological tools had the power to give farmers greater control over their land and crops, and to elevate the quality of life for both farmers and consumers in the region. Ultimately, we wanted to create a visual identity that would help to communicate this message and create a more prosperous and sustainable society.


To achieve this, we began by drawing inspiration from the tiger's movements, which we felt were similar to the movement of Tiger Drone's fan. We then explored a range of design options that would be both modern and approachable, keeping in mind the needs and preferences of our target audience. We worked closely with Tiger Drone throughout the process to ensure that our designs aligned with their brand values and business goals.

In the end, we arrived at a final design that we believe captures the energy and innovation of the Tiger Drone brand while also speaking to the needs and aspirations of farmers and consumers in Thailand. The new logo features shapes of claws movement with bold, modern typography and a color palette that incorporates bright, attention-grabbing hues. We also developed a range of other visual elements, such as icons and patterns, that can be used across various media platforms and applications.


Overall, we believe that our design will help Tiger Drone to better communicate its message of empowerment and prosperity to farmers and consumers in Thailand, and to create a more sustainable and prosperous society in the region.


Brand Direction and Concept

Logo Design

Brand Identity

Graphic Elements

Social Media Design

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