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Starting by imagining the entertainment company for the future generation, Mr. Tony, the founder of the company, approached us to design his entertainment/music company “TNY Entertainment.”

After learning about their products and the core value that they have to offer to his customer, the music listener of the now and the next future, we understand that what he is offering is not just mere music but he is, in fact, providing the audience the gift of hope for a better future.

Thus, the identity design is explored based on keywords “the gift”, “the future generations” and “harmony” while the tone has to remain the look and feel of a modern tech company.

The boxes in the brand identity are actually the distortions of gift boxes when put in the context of space and time. We explored it by observing the process of daylight hitting on the box object that would create different shapes of shadows other than rigid rectangles.


The three boxes are then put together to symbolize different generations together. They might not fit perfectly together but they are together in balance and harmony.


Brand Direction and Concept

Brand Identity
Logo Design

Graphic Elements

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