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Daily Dose of Happiness: What We Found Packaging Design


Imagine a world where good health meets fun and lifestyle. Enter "What We Found," a brand inspired by a health-conscious family's quest to discover a beverage that's not just nourishing but also refreshingly enjoyable—an exciting alternative to traditional soft drinks. Their initial product line introduces three delectable flavors of Kombucha fizzy drinks, designed to be the perfect companions for parties, office breaks, or relaxing at home.

"What We Found" firmly believes that embracing creativity and humor can enhance overall well-being. Beyond a balanced diet, maintaining a positive attitude is key to keeping stress at bay.


Our packaging design strategy embraces a whimsical and playful approach, featuring quirky illustrations that invite consumers to explore and savor new flavors in delightful and unexpected ways. It's not just a beverage; it's a Daily Dose of Happiness.


Logo design - (Selected)
Packaging design - (Not selected)


This packaging design direction has not been selected by the client. We wish to clarify that it is not our intention to present this as the official representation of the brand. Instead, it is intended solely for the purpose of showcasing our design process and creative capabilities.

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