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The Summer Coffee Company - Signature Blends


The Summer Coffee Company, beloved by coffee enthusiasts across Thailand, has undergone a remarkable transformation. With their signature blends like The MilkMan, Rum Raisin, and Morning Person, they’ve become a prominent player in the local coffee industry. But they are committed to continuous improvement and recognized the need to refresh their packaging design to ensure lasting appeal.

To accomplish this for them, we embarked on a journey of rebranding and systemization, guided by a thoughtful and systematic approach. We valued the expertise of the former designer, Teaspoon Studio, and incorporated their legacy into our new vision. Our aim was to maintain The Summer Coffee Company's essence while elevating the production standards, adding further credibility to their renowned products.


We began by first deep diving into the mind of the consumers. After interviewing with brand’s customers, we analyzed the problem and discussed possible solutions along with the client.  First, we agree to enhance the packaging printing technique, investing in high-quality processes that showcase the richness and depth of our blends. Evaluating the packaging shape, we prioritized ergonomics, ease of use, and visual distinctiveness.

The logo placement, hierarchy, and hero element were meticulously analyzed to ensure essential information was easily visible. We simplified and emboldened the brand illustrations, creating a visually appealing and comprehensible aesthetic. For variants lacking a hero element, we introduced new characters, injecting a playful and unique touch into the branding.

Communication strategy also received our close attention. We harmonized variant messaging to maintain consistency across the product line. Additionally, we developed an informative system on the packaging, allowing customers to swiftly grasp the unique characteristics of each blend, simplifying their decision-making process.


We're proud to have honored the Summer Coffee Company’s commitment to continuous improvement and dedication to their customers that remains unwavering, solidifying their position as a brand that understands and caters to all coffee enthusiasts.


Research and Design Development Process

Packaging Redesign 

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