Who are we

We are a transdiscipline design/branding studio that uses scientific thinking process to create emotional design result.

We put extra into ordinary. We believe creativity can make boring, heavy or the most serious subjects becomes attractive. We focus on working “together” with the brand to help transform it into a better stage, help shaping the rising brand in search for creativity development.

The passion is infused in every of our work process because designing is not just our work, it’s the way we live.

How we work

We exchange our knowledge with our clients and it creates the best design result. That’s why we converse with our clients a lot. No, we’re not good at small talks. We ask a lot of questions to get to a lot of findings. Then, with great curiosity, we immerse ourselves in the worlds of the brand we collaborate with, keep eyes on what’s in the market, and help our clients get ahead of the game.


We also like talking to consumers. A lot. We do so to mine for insights and make sure our design speaks to them both visually and emotionally.